A Stylish Five Year Blogiversary Celebration Week: 2011

Happy Tuesday! Did y'all enjoy yesterday's blast from the past. I am actually probably the most excited for today's post because we are flashing back to 2011 which was an absolutely incredible year for me professionally and personally. I went through a ton of changes from graduating college to turning 21 to moving back to Los Angeles to finally learning what it was like to be an adult, I will say that 2011 was a crazy year and I documented every second of it on my blog. While it was harder than ever to pick just one post, I managed to pick one and reading this post again definitely brought tears to my eyes and made me even more thankful of how far I have come from those days and much I have learned! Graduating college was the most amazing day of my life thus far. I also announced the project I spent nearly 2 years working on with my readers for the first time and while I didn't continue that project after that year, I have created so many other projects that LYLS will always be the baby of them all :) So here is my favorite flashback post from June 20th, 2011.... PS a little side note 2011 was the year I met R too! :)

Stylish Graduation Weekend
What a weekend! I must say that after months of dreaming about graduation, the day finally arrived on Friday and it went amazing! I finally got to share the project that I have been working for almost a year and a half. It felt amazing to share my passion with others and to finally present all my hard work. I also finally get to share what shoes I picked and the dress I chose to wear! The day went by so fast, I got to stand (in pain for some parts lol) and discuss my favorite thing... blogging. I had a great response from people and am even more excited to share with those who may have not been able to attend.

So drum roll please...... 
Introducing the first ever online blog-azine where you can find everything stylish...
Live Your Life Stylishly This is not a typical online publication, it's blog posts hand picked by me that are about only the most stylish topics from fashion to cooking to beauty to interior design to shopping and more. The website is live but the premiere issue will launch on July 4th, 2011, but for now you can follow LYLS on Twitter and Facebook. I couldn't be more excited to finally reveal this project that I am beyond proud of! Here are some pictures of the weekend festivities!
 Here is the outfit! Sam Edelman shoes seen here, Milly dress, and House of Harlow ring and earrings! I couldn't have been more happy with my choice of attire :)
All of the Fashion Marketing Graduates!
Here is it..... Live Your Life Stylishly
 What my future office will include!
 Officially a graduate!
Guess who was eating dinner at the same place I was having my graduation dinner.... Ice T! :) He was soo nice! Coco is taking the picture and is gorgeous!

It blows my mind it has been nearly 4 years since I graduated college, time flies the older you get! I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past of a a very monumental year in my life! Come back tomorrow for 2012 another crazy year in celebration of five stylish years!

So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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