Stylish Poshmark Success Tips + An Invite!

Happy Monday! If you don't know by now, I am obsessed with Poshmark. It's the perfect outlet for a shopping obsessed gal as an easy tool to help purge her closet of things she doesn't wear anymore. All of my friends and family come to me for advice on selling their clothes and always ask how I am so successful and while I don't have one answer I will say it's with a lot of detail and hard work. Being a blogger, I tend to go shopping a lot more than most so I am always trying to clean my closet out to keep room for new items and Poshmark has let me earn some great cash on the side for the items I just don't see myself wearing any longer. While I love helping my friends and family sell their items, I thought it would be fun to share some tips on how I have been successful selling my clothing online, specifically on Poshmark. To date I have made over $1,000 thanks to this amazing app so if you aren't already on PM definitely sign up. Use HJBMF at sign up and earn a $5 credit!
Tip 1: Photograph the item of clothing as best as possible. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, you would not buy something if it was poorly photographed and the iPhone has made it so easy to take really awesome pictures. I am fortunate to sometimes have my blog pictures of me wearing the item, but while not everyone is a blogger my advice is take a picture of you wearing the item, even if its a selfie, it will resongate more with possible buyers!
Tip 2: Accurately describe the item. I used to write product descriptions for a previous job and I blog so I might have a little advantage here when it comes to describing the item, but the more detail you give the better. Just saying it's a blue tank is not going to catch a possible buyer's eye and make them want to purchase. I always share what the item would look great paired with or something I love about the item. I always try to include the fabric content and for pants I always measure the inseam since that was a common question I got when I didn't include those things. Also, you should disclosure any defects or missing buttons etc so the buyer is fully aware when they purchase the item what they are getting.
Tip 3: Be realistic when pricing. While you might have $90 Nike's sitting in your closet that have never been touched, don't expect to get that $90 back. I watch items in various closets sit for months and months because the seller just won't budge on the price. It's like when you buy a car, the minute you drive it off the lot it loses value and I think clothing is sort of the same. You may have paid $90 for the shoes, but someone on Poshmark is looking to get a deal and if they wanted to pay that they would go to the store, so price realistically and don't think you will get the exact amount you paid originally.
Tip 4: Share and interact. Poshmark was created not only to sell clothes but to interact with others that love fashion as well. The viritual "parties" were designed to be a way to see tons of items that everyone loves in one outlet, so sharing your items to the parties is key. Also interacting with other users such as responding to comments, liking other items for sale etc makes your closet much more approachable.
Tip 5: Offer deals and ship fast. So I combined this last tip into two. Bundling is a common term used on Poshmark and its a great way to sell items in bulk and only having to go to USPS once. If someone is loving two items in your closet offer them a deal so they aren't paying for shipping twice. Also once you do make a sale ship the item as soon as possible. Poshmark usually gives two business days, but the faster you get it out the faster it is delivered and you get your money.
So I think those five tips are great starters on how to make money on Poshmark. Guess what!? I am so excited to announce I am hosting yet another party tomororw night, August 5th from 7-9 pm PST! My first one was such a success I can't wait for round 2! Hope everyone had a stylish weekend!
So until next time... Live Stylishly
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