Stylish Outfit: Sunday at The Getty Museum

All pieces c/o Deb Shops
 Dress // Vest // Shoes // Purse // Necklace 

One of the greatest things about living in Los Angeles is that there are tons of things to do around the city and the people living here rarely do those activities. A few weeks ago R and I ventured up to The Getty Museum on a warm yet beautiful Sunday! How I haven't visited here before stills blows my mind, but it was absolutely fantastic! We did choose Mother's Day to go it was a bit crowded but the views are so spectacular we forgot about the crowds. I love how you look to one side and it's the ocean and then you look to the other and its the city skyline. It was warm out so I naturally wore head to toe Deb. I paired this fun printed dress with a matching handbag and necklace and voila a simple yet chic outfit for a fun day exploring one of LA's hottest spots! I decided to include a slideshow of the pictures R captured. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday!

So until next time... Live Stylishly

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