Stylish Fit Tuesday's: Week 2

 stylish fit tuesdays
Happy Fit Tuesdays! Terressa and I are back with week 2 of our series and this week T is sharing what's in her gym bag! Make sure to check out Terressa's blog where I share my must have fitness gadgets under $100!
This week I am giving you a look at what's in my gym bag! As a naturally fashion conscious girl with the knowledge of how to get the most of your workout, my gym bag is short, effective and stylish!
1. iPhone: I usually listen to Spotify at the gym. My go to playlist? "Never Stop" Workout.

2. Earphones. Mines are Yurbud, they never fall out!

3. Hair necessities. Bobby pins and hair ties!

4. Heart Rate Monitor. I recommend this to anyone, especially when new to the gym scene. It helps you stay on top of your workouts to not overwork (or underwork!) yourself to maximize your workouts.

5. Deodorant. Naturally. Don't be the one people can smell from across the room. Sweat= good. BO= bad.

6. Makeup Remover. I use quick wipes I can just keep in my bag for days after work I stop by before going home.

7. Shoes and Socks. duh.

8. Tshirt and Sweatshirt. I wear the sweatshirt for warm ups and if it's chilly. I am loving motivational graphic tees right now like this Nike one I got for Christmas! Sweatshirt is under armor.

9. Sports Bra and Leggings. It's completely up to you, but I prefer my clothes at the gym to be form fitting so I can make sure my lifts are safe, form is in tact and I am not constantly pulling up my pants for an hour.

10. And of course, a stylish bag to put it all in!
The key is to keep it simple and easy to throw back in your bag for next time. Pack your bag in advance so you can get to the gym as effectively as possible!
See you next week!
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