Stylish Fall 2014 NYFW Beauty Trends

I can't believe that NY Fashion Week is over tomorrow. I know I haven't shared recaps from my favorite designers like I usually do, but since its already all over Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram, I figured I would just give a recap of my favorite hair, makeup, and nail looks and let my readers view the collections for themselves! The makeup and hair really do range from one extreme to another, so I chose a frequently seen look among the entire list of shows to focus on! 

With fall, it usually means we see darker eye makeup and dark lips, but this fall many of the designers seem to stick with a trend that was popular in the spring, pink! Pink was seen everywhere from soft pink eye colors to pink lips and barely pink cheeks. Many designers stuck with the blush tones  when it came to makeup overall. You can see designers like Monique Lhuillier (left) and Jason Wu (right) that went with this makeup trend. Pink was even seen on a lot of the clothing as well!

Fall 2014 was the return (finally) of nail art! All across the board, nail art was seen on the runway from half moon designs to matte topcoats to even ombre colored nails, it was definitely a fun season of nails this fashion week! As seen at Nonoo (left), a linear two toned pattern was created using a solid base color and then alternating colors off center. At Tadashi Shoji (right) a gold design pattern was created around a nude base color, spicing up the simple nude nail!

I obviously saved the best for last because, well, the hair was out of this world this year! From the classic twist on a ponytail to the messy buns and outrageous braids, it was a crazy week of hair. I couldn't just pick one trend, so I picked three! First up, BUNS! We all know I love a great bun, and this year so many runways featured models with tight low buns (as seen at Christian Siriano, left) to messy low buns/knots (as seen as Rag + Bone, right) that looks effortless but still chic as hell! 
The second trend that was seen in NYC was braids. I am so glad that braids are guaranteed to be in until at least 2015, because the braid is really my go to style! While I might do the average braid, it was all about taking the braid to the next level this season. Whit (left) took the classic milkmaid braid and crisscrossed it on top of the models head. Creatures of the Wind (right) did a zig zag french braid that looks incredibly hard to recreate, but after reading up on it, is pretty easy! I can't french braid, but for those of you who can, more power to you!
The third hair trend that I just couldn't leave out was the sight of every kind of ponytail you could imagine. From high to low to colored ponytails it was all about the pony! I predict this will be a HUGE trend for Fall 2014 and I am on board 100%! As seen at Herve Leger (left) the classic pony was done with a streak of color added, the perfect accessory! At Victoria Beckham (right) it was all about the simple loose low ponytail! I can't get enough of this! 
pictures credit BellaSugar and BeautyHigh

I can't get enough of these beauty trends! I can't wait to see what London, Milan, and Paris have in store! What's your favorite beauty trend seen here?
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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