Stylish Beauty Website: The Pink Panel

If you don't know by now I am a huge beauty fanatic and am ALWAYS trying new beauty products (I blame working at ULTA for so long hehe) We all love the monthly beauty box subscriptions but that can quickly add up with products you may only use once or never at all and sometimes you never get products you actually want. Well I found a great website that sends you beauty products (some not even available in stores yet) and you review them and give your honest feedback! The process is so simple and is all done through Facebook, so there really is no excuse on why you can't join hehe! Here is the The Pink Panel process!
How does the PinkPanel work? Simple...
  1. Testing New Beauty Products – once selected you will receive free samples of skincare or makeup products. We will ask you to complete a few simple online surveys letting us know your thoughts and opinions about these new products. Often you can receive a stipend ranging from $50 to $200 for each group. That’s right, you’ll be paid to get free makeup and tell us what you think!!
  2. Give Us Ideas – take an online survey, via email link, and give us feedback on brand names, beauty trends, shopping habits, spending trends and advertisements. Each survey is designed to take no more than 20 minutes.
  3. Monthly Prize Drawings – we want you to know how much you mean to us. So, each month we randomly select a member of our panel to receive a gift basket of the newest and best beauty products on the market. Just a little love from The Pink Panel.
The Pink Panel sent me some goodies (in the cutest pink packaging) including some gorgeous pink nail polish, Philosophy's Full of Promise Treatment duo, and BioElements Breakout Control Acne Treatment. Both products I have added to my daily skin regime and I am liking the results I am seeing already! Thanks to The Pink Panel for sending me these awesome goodies! 
Have a stylish weekend!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

Products c/o BrandBacker and The Pink Panel. All opinions are 100% my own.