Stylish 2012 Flashback

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Can you believe that today is the LAST day of 2012!? While 2011 was a huge year for me, 2012 has been a little slower but I feel just as blessed as I did last year! While no huge monumental events really happened like in 2011, some great things did happen and of course I have to share them with you again! Here are some of the stylish events that happened over the course of 2012.

1. The year started off with some tough issues, I lost my job and was struggling to find my place in this huge city we call LA.
2. Through the stress of not having a job, I was lucky enough to get to go on vacation with my family to Hawaii, and have some AMAZING bloggers guest blog for me while I was away!
3. I finally found a job and began working for a great company, LAmade!
4. After 10 months of living with my grandmother, I finally moved out and into my first LA apartment! This was a huge thing for me as I was going to be paying my own bills for the first time!
5. I am one lucky gal because this year my wonderful parents purchased a beach house here in SoCal and I get to see my parents often now because of it!
6. I turned 22 this year and was blessed with another year of happiness.
7. After wishing to visit NYC for my entire life, LAmade finally made my dream a reality as they sent to me NYC for the Lucky FABB Blogger Conference. This trip changed my life and I couldn't be more happy I got the opportunity to grow my contacts and blog.
8. Stylelista Confessions turned three this year and I did a photoshoot to celebrate how amazing these past three years have been! I am so blessed to have such an amazing following and readership.

9. I started doing more outfit posts this year, thanks to the support of my coworkers and I am definitely loving getting to share my closet with others!
10. I dressed up for Halloween this year as 80s Barbie and even won funniest costume at work!

11. I got to spend my first holiday at our beach house, Thanksgiving, with my entire family!

With endless posts about what I am lusting over, Pinterest inspiration, and sharing my life with everyone, 2012 has definitely been a stylish year and I am looking forward to making 2013 just as stylish. Thank you to every single person who has made my blog a success, I would be nowhere without you all! Cheers to 2012!
So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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  1. This still sounds like a great year! Happy New Year. I'm very much looking forward to a great year.