Stylish DIY: Wine Cork Christmas Tree

You know I love a great DIY project and combining it with Christmas time is practically heaven on earth for me. As I was pinning away on Pinterest a few weeks back, I came across this wine cork Christmas tree DIY that I knew was PERFECT for my mom and I to do while she is town. I knew she would have plenty of extra wine corks laying around and it would be perfect to add to the beach house!  This is a super easy and fun DIY and I am so excited to share it with all of you! So here's the lowdown.
What you'll need:
  • paper craft cone ( 11” or 14” height) 
  • wine corks (either synthetic, oak or both)
  • strand of Christmas lights (battery operated or plug in)
  • mini tree topper star
  • hot glue gun
First you'll need to figure out what size tree you want to make. A 11" cone requires about 50 wine corks where a 14" cone requires at least 100 wine corks.

Once you decide what size, start wrapping the lights around the tree and you can use clear tape to hold it in place. Add your tree topper as well.

Now comes the fun part, the wine corks! I start at the bottom and make a good solid base as then move up. I learned that the wine corks need glue on the backside and sometimes on the bottom to really stay. Glue each one, holding down for about 30 seconds after each one until you make a really good sturdy base. Continue this until you finish filling up the tree. You may have to glue to the light strand, which is okay, just be careful not to pile on the glue. There really is no right way to glue the corks on, thats the fun part, you get to be creative! 

And Voila! you have an adorable wine cork Christmas tree! Easy enough right? You can even hide the battery pack from the lights underneath the cone, so people will never know! If you do this project, please send me pictures, I would love to share them on my blog! Happy holidays!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. This is really cute! I love getting ideas from Pinterest!