A Stylish Celebrity Halloween Costume Recap

Stacy Keibler
Kim Kardashian (one of my favorites!)
Alessandra Ambrosio
Anne Hathaway and her husband
pictures credit: OK Magazine and Huffington Post
While I might not be the biggest fan of Halloween (for obvious reasons, its the anniversary of my puppy passing) I still think its fun to see what everyone is dressing up as, especially celebrities (as seen above!)  I am actually dressing up this year (pictures will come) and am excited to see what my coworkers have decided to dress up as! I might not be a huge Halloween fan but its fun to dress up as someone you aren't for a few hours! Hope everyone has a fun day!

Happy Halloween!
So until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. Thanks for sharing these! Loving Stacy's look :)


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