Stylish Springtime Bikinis

With my Hawaii trip only 3 days away I have beach fever. All I can think about is putting on my new bikini and getting some much needed sun, but of course finding my bikini wasn't easy since I am about as picky as picky gets! I ended up choosing Victoria's Secret, since they have the styles I like and I can mix and match. That didn't stop me from gushing over other adorable and bright bikinis. 3 are in my price range while 2 are just plain lust worthy.

1. Teal Slinky Bandeau Bikini, $55, Topshop
2. Neon Pink Bow Back Bikini, $46, Miss Selfridge
3. Reef Crochet Bikini, $39, Urban Outfitters
Splurge: Missoni Reversible Violet Bikini, $295
Splurge: D&G Flamingo Triangle Bikini, $130

What are your favorite bikinis right now?
So until next time... Live Stylishly