Stylish Online Shopping Site: Motel Rocks

I am one lucky gal in that my amazing parents are taking my sister and I on a much needed family vacation to Hawaii at the end of March and of course my biggest worry is "what the heck am I going to wear" I have been scouring all my favorite stores online and buying what I feel I need (bathing suits, dresses, shorts etc) but I am ALWAYS open to trying new online stores and diversifying my wardrobe! I was approached by the online store Motel Rocks and am still wondering how I had no idea about this AMAZING site. It is a UK originated site but inspired by a road trip the two head designers took to the states in 1999. The site is very vintage inspired with everything being on trend and edgy. It is very much the type of styles I love and their price points are great as well! I decided after spending over an hour on the site I would narrow down my favorite spring looks from the site that I feel are Stylelista approved! They have great staple items that we all need for our wardrobe along with fun and funky items to spruce our outfit up! 
Ginetta Dress in Navy and Cream, $80
Leopard Skinny Pants, $60
Sassy Sway Mini Skirt, $70
Sheer Black Lace Top, $60
Tube Skirt in Pink and Navy, $70 (probably my favorite piece on the site!)

Along with their INCREDIBLE website you can find Motel Rocks on Facebook and Twitter and follow their adorable blog! Also, every online order gets free shipping! What more could you ask for when shopping online!?
So until next time.... Live Stylishly