A Stylish Goodbye to Penny

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I got the phone call that I had been dreading for months coming, my precious black lab, whom I have had since I was 5 years old, had to be put to rest. She was 14 and was struggling to breathe, so my parents made the brace decision to peacefully let her go. I have been dreading this day since Penny started to get older and when my phone rang and I answered, I knew something wasn't right. Penny Lane was the only dog my family ever had, and she was more than just a dog, she was a huge part of our family. Through all the changes my family and I went through, Penny always remained the one consistent thing, which always helped me get through the tough times. While I know Penny is in a better place, I still am heartbroken I won't get to see her every time I go home to my parents house now. Penny was the greatest dog alive and loved EVERYONE! RIP Penny Lane, you were the greatest dog I ever knew!

RIP Penny Lane. I love you.

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