Stylish Bedroom Makeover

While I am currently not living in my own apartment, I only have a bedroom to be creative with, which I think is sometimes easier than an entire house. I am starting to work from home more often, and so I need a office space inside my bedroom that will keep me busy and focused. Before, I just had my desk directly next to my bed and I would always lay on my bed with my laptop and avoid getting anything actually done. I decided this needed to change so I moved the bed right next to the window and opened up some space in between my bed and desk so that I won't be tempted to be lazy! Just a small adjustment has really made my focus be more on work and makes me feel like I have a whole new bedroom. I decided to explore my favorite site, Pinterest, for bedrooms that I would love to recreate!

all pictures credit: Pinterest
Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!
So until next time... Live Stylishly