Stylish Designer Spotlight: Marco Marco

While moving to LA has proven harder than I expected, I am definitely grateful that I have my lovely friend Shae Savin who is always keeping me in the loop with the latest and greatest happening in the industry. He is now with EMC|Bowery and brought me in the loop on an incredible designer that I was shocked I haven't heard of until now, Marco Marco. Singer Jojo wore his incredible dress to the Teen Choice Awards and it got me super excited to take a look at his awesome designs. A little background on the designer is actually very inspiring.

"With a remarkable creative vision, innovative mind, and imagination of free expression, Marco Morante has made his mark in the fashion and music industry as the man behindMarco Marco. Carrying the design house’s reputation for ingenious, couture pieces showcased by a slew of celebrities and performers such as Fergie, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Shakira, and many more. Marco Marco’s flagship design studio and showroom is the hub for innovative imagination, creativity, and free expression.
His design team works tirelessly to create phenomenal, admirable, and glamorously outrĂ© costumes for his clients featured in spreads or covers in publications such as Zink Magazine, Numero, Angeleno, LA Times, Surface Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and many more. Marco Marco’s work can also be seen in commercials for, Got Milk? Vitamin Water, PlayStation, and INTEL."

His line is definitely a statement line and is definitely stylish is ALL ways. Check out some pictures below of celebs wearing Marco Marco.

Destinee and Paris wearing Marco Marco designs also at the Teen Choice Awards
JoJo wearing a Marco Marco dress at the Teen Choice Awards.
Leona Lewis wearing Marco Marco at an event.
all images credit Marco Marco Facebook page and EMC|Bowery
You can find Marco Marco on Facebook and Twitter and also on his website
So until next time.... Live Stylishly