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I have gotten a lot of comments from readers and peers that there is a lack of a plus sized fashionable clothing available. As I have said in the past it doesn't matter what size, gender, or race you are, everyone is born a stylelista, it's just a matter of how you embrace it! I was contacted by a site that offers ADORABLE women's dresses in sizes 10-28 that are fashionable and knew I had to share it with my stylish readers! Introducing This affordable women's fashion site offers dresses, skirts, lingerie, and more to women who are sizes 10-28!  What I love is the variety of dresses they offer and how they won't break your bank account either! SimplyBe dresses range from maxi to halter to party to even beach dresses. I decided to search the site for some of my favorite trends for the summer and was pleasantly surprised to find every trend I'm loving right now!
Joanna Hope Maxi Dress, this is just one of the many different types of offered on the site.
Plain Maxi Skirt, again one of many different options available!
The site offers tons of different types of dresses and skirts and other apparel that you can be sure you will be the ultimate stylelista! Check out their website here and get free shipping on every order along with 30% off your first order using code: 3504

So until next time... Live Stylishly