Stylish Blogger Beauty Collection

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I am loving how bloggers are getting more and more noticed each day. MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with beauty bloggers and have designed a color collection ironically named "The Bloggers Obsession Collection." Nine of the top beauty bloggers which includes regular blogs I follow Beauty Blogging Junkie, Temptalia, Lipstick Powder n Paint, The Makeup Girl, Afrobella, Beauty Maverick, the Shades of U, and Nitrolicious came together to create an incredible collection for the best makeup company around. Of course it is only available online and you can grab it starting June 21st for only $14.50. The lip glosses range from a peachy pink to a full on sparkly shiny red, where the eyeshadows come in emerald green, soft grey, and even blue! Who wouldn't want to add these awesome beauty products to their collection!?
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. I cannot wait for this collection to come out! I'm not really into the whole eye shadow deal, but the lip glasses' are fantastic!