Stylish Summer Must Have: Neon Pants

Stylishly Neon
It's already obvious that I am OBSESSED with neon colors. I own multiple neon colored shirts, scope out any bright colored accessories, and am the first to jump at neon colored nail polish, but I have yet to catch on to the trend of neon colored pants. At work, my coworkers always laugh at me, because anything neon that comes in I scoop up before anyone else and when I saw a pair of mint green skinny's in the latest Free People catalog, I freaked and knew I had to get a pair of colored pants ASAP! I am seeing them everywhere and am kicking myself for not jumping on this trend sooner! I went online and searched for the best neon colored pants that won't break my college student bank account! Check out my top picks!
1. ASOS Pink Skinny Capri Jeans, $65
2. MOTO Coral Jamie Jeans, $80, Topshop
3. Skinny Stretch Jeans, $60, Zara
4. Rich & Skinny Bikini Ankle Crop, $128, Free People 
5. Cheap Monday Jeans, $45, Yoox
So until next time... Live Stylishly