Stylish Beauty Tips: Clear Sunkissed Skin

With graduation quickly approaching, I have been under a lot of pressure and when I am stressed my face loves to take the brunt of it and break out, which is definitely not stylish. I am not afraid to admit that I have struggled with acne practically my entire life. I have been on Accutane and every medicine ever created, but since moving to Arizona I have been lucky enough to keep it under control thanks to the dry and hot weather. Well, unfortunately right now I'm not so lucky in that I am in a time when my face just doesn't want to clear up and while I am trying to keep my stress under control, some things I just can't control completely. I do sometimes put my face in the sun to help, but even that isn't helping this time around. I do have a few products that I live by and always want to share with my readers and I began researching other products that other people swear by and am definitely going to try them and see if they can beat my struggling acne.
Summer Skin
1. Since I had my job at Ulta, I became a pretty good expert on skincare and I swear by the Clarisonic
It is literally the best thing ever invented and takes the annoyance out of washing your face and makes you actually want to wash it!
2. I always get made fun of my by my family that I look like a raccoon in the morning since my eye makeup never seems to fully come off. 
With the Neutrogena gentle makeup wipes, I can solve that issue! While the liquid on a cotton ball is too much for, these are perfect and quick!
3. I have used Cetaphil moisturizer for as long as I can remember and its the only lotion that doesn't make my skin oily or break me out!
4. I have probably tried every single facial cleanser available, and that it NO exaggeration, and when a friend suggested Biore, I tried it and have been using it ever since. It's gentle yet strong enough to usually clear my breakouts pretty fast!

What are the products you swear by?
So until next time... Live Stylishly