Stylish Monday: Beginning to Another Stylish Week

While most of my friends are dreading this Monday since their spring break is over, I am thrilled because in just 3 short days, I will officially be on my spring break, which means the countdown to graduation begins! In 12, hopefully fast, weeks (87 days but who's counting) I will finally be a college graduate and finally be able to begin my life as a true fashionista thanks to a little piece of a paper I like to call a Fashion Degree! Over the next 12 weeks, I am sure all my readers will be watching every step I take to make it June 16th where I will finally unveil my secret I have been keeping from my readers, and while my friends might know small details of the project they will finally get to see what I have been hard at work creating for the last year. I can't wait to finally be able to share my excitement with everyone! So stay tuned! While I might be excited that it's Monday, I figure not everyone is as thrilled so I found some pictures that might cheer you guys up! If you want to see more stylish pictures remember to follow me on Tumblr!
who doesn't love a classic Chanel cupcake to brighten up their Monday!?
A look into what my life will be in a few months!
credit: StyleJunk
A gorgeous dress and the Eiffel Tower, what more could you ask for!?
credit: MajorFashion
AHH Paradise!
credit: ClubCouture
Mickey is always the best when you need cheering up!
Happy Monday Stylelista's!
So until next time... Live Stylishly