Stylish Fashion Duo: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Before I left the desert, I got to catch up on my magazine reading and as I was reading the April issue of Vogue magazine I came across an article featuring my favorite duo-Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. On stilts wearing Tom Ford pajamas, the girls discuss their hugely successful clothing line The Row and what it's like to really be them! I have been a fan of this duo since their Full House days and as my dad and I discussed at dinner last night, they are very smart businesswomen. Taking over their entertainment company at age 18, the girls have only had success since then creating 3 amazing clothing lines and making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. I can't say enough amazing things about these ladies, as they are very much a role model for any person wanting to break into the fashion industry! Check out some pictures from their Vogue spread!
all photos credit Vogue Magazine April 2011 Issue
Have a fab weekend stylelistas!
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