Stylish Designer Interview: Pooja Kharbanda and 6 Shore Road

I am so excited to introduce a new feature to Stylelista Confessions, designer interviews! If you recall, awhile back I did a designer spotlight on 6 Shore Road, the amazing line selling adorable coverups that can be transformed from day to night. Well my friend Shae at Bollare PR,whom I adore by the way, recently contacted me asking me if I was interested in interviewing the designer who is the brains behind the wonderful line and I of course jumped at the opportunity to learn about this fascinating line! Pooja Kharbanda is the designer of 6 Shore Road and has an amazing story to tell. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity and couldn't wait to share my awesome interview with Pooja. Thanks again Bollare PR!

SC: Who do you admire in the fashion industry? 

PJ: I’m totally in awe of Diane Von Furstenberg. I admire her as one of the great iconic American Designers that has managed to ride out the hard times in the Fashion industry and stay true to her design aesthetics. 

SC: I know you were a finance major originally, what made you choose that at first before deciding to venture into the fashion world? 

PJ: It’s quite funny, but I grew up painting, sketching and creating all kinds of art projects and I always knew that I would eventually end up in a creative field. I also credit my mom who’s a very fashionable woman create many of the clothes for my sister and I. Eventually, my passion for the creative field was so strong that I eventually redirected my career. 

SC: What advice would you want to give to those wanting to start a career
in fashion? 

PJ: My advice is to try to work at all aspects the fashion world whether through internships, 
retail jobs or design jobs. Before I started my own line, I went to Parson’s for continuing 
education for specific skills, and worked all kinds of paid/unpaid fashion jobs to really 
get insight into the industry. It’s very important for an individual to gain knowledge 
in all channels of the Fashion business. Lastly, one has to have passion for the business 
and eventually it will show through. 

SC: What were your biggest influences for 
your latest collection? 

PJ: The 6 Shore Road girl loves to travel and take inspiration from the people, lifestyles and culture in a specific place. She wants to be able to transition from day to night with a change of shoes or an addition of jacket. The Fall 2011 collection “Le Maison” which was inspired by the 70’s lifestyle at the Cristal Room Baccarat in Paris. The collection is intended for lounging by the fireplace, sipping champagne at the bar & dancing around to the music of the city. 

SC: What was it like being raise in Hong Kong and Panama? 
I bet you’re quite the world traveler! 

PJ: It’s thanks to my dad and his career that I got to experience such amazing countries and people! Growing up in Hong Kong was amazing. It was an international community 
where I really learned about many cultures, languages and beliefs. It’s an extremely modern and fashionable city that’s frequently termed as the New York of the East Panama on the other hand has both a great city life and an amazing beach life that is very relaxing and vibrant. This is where I was taken from a complete city girl to a beach girl. Over the years, my style has developed from each of the lifestyles I had there and it’s inevitable that you’ll always see bits and pieces of each of the places in my collections.

Thanks again Pooja for the wonderful interview! Check out 6 Shore Road on Twitter, Facebook, and their website!

Until next time.... Live Stylishly