Stylish New Years Recap

Can you believe it is already 2011! While it is only the 3rd day of the new year, I must say so far it has been successful! While my family left yesterday, I am spending the rest of the week visiting with my lovely grandma and the heading back to the desert later this week. I will say this winter break has been an amazing break. After the stressful year I had, it was a nice break to get to relax and visit with family and friends. I can't believe that in 6 short months I will be able to call California my home finally after 12 years of being away! I got to spend my New Years Eve with my favorite boys ever, the LA LAKERS! They ended 2010 with a win over the Sixers and sitting 4th row, I felt as though I was on the court. I hope everyone else had a memorable NYE and is enjoying the new year!

Yes that is Tom Petty wearing UGGS :)
Until next time... Live Stylishly