Stylish Royal Engagement

So it's official, Prince William is officially tied down, he has finally popped the question to Kate Middleton after 8 years of dating, (think it took him long enough?) Kate will be the future Princess following in Princess Diana's footsteps. Her ring is the same engagement ring Princess Diana wore (I love Diana a lot! I was born the same day she was!) 

She will also be in line to be England's sixth Queen Catherine. Visiting London this past summer I got to see where she and Prince William will reside once they marry and I am so excited for the both of them! What makes Kate even more incredible is she will be the first commoner to marry an heir presumptive to the throne in more than 350 years. 

She is the girl we all love to hate, she snagged the most eligible bachelor and I can only imagine how incredible their wedding is going to be. Kate is definitely stylish and while her style is cool and classic, her effortless wardrobe is what makes me adore her! The royal wedding is set to take place in Spring or Summer 2011.

love this color on her!
Blue is definitely the color of royalty

Who do you think will get the honor to design Kate's dress? Bruce Oldfield or Temperly?

Until next time.. Live Stylishly