Stylish Author: Hilary Duff

I'll let you in on a little secret, I adore Hilary Duff! There are so many reasons why I love her one being she is from Houston! I was a religious watcher of Lizzie McGuire and saw all her movies and her fashion taste is incredible! When I saw earlier this year she was coming out with a book I was more than excited to pre-order it on Amazon.

Her first novel Elixir, was released earlier this month and is about a girl who is the daughter of a prominent Washington D.C. politician and is now a photojournalist. On a trip she meets a man who is depicted in her photographs and the story follows her experience with e him. This is definitely a stylish read and makes me adore Hilary Duff that much more! Elixir is now available at bookstores or on Amazon and is the perfect gift to add to your Christmas wish list!

So until next time.. Live Stylishly