Stylish Secret: Nordstrom Rack

So I have a confession to make, I am a bargain shopper. 
I love to spend hours in Nordstrom Rack seeking out the best clothes and shoes to complete my wardrobe. About 99 percent of my jeans are from the Rack since I have decided that I can get the same jeans I see in department stores there for half the price! I will admit many of my Free People items are from the Rack as I always seem to find shirts in my size for half the price! 

While visiting my family in Texas I of course made a trip to downtown Houston and visited the new Nordstrom Rack and found loads of stuff! Unfortunately I did not find any jeans but I did find the most amazing pair of Sam Edelman grey suede wedges that was basically love at first sight, after putting one of the shoes on, I was instantly sold, I didn't even care if I had nothing to wear them with I knew I HAD to have them and for a steal of only 69 bucks when I came to find out there originally they were 170 made my purchase much more satisfying! Here are some of my other stylish items I bought while on my trip to Texas!
 and I couldn't forget my boots I have been eyeing! 

So until next time... Live Stylishly