"Natural Fashion"

So I was telling my friend that I thought it was ironic that yesterday was the first day of fall and the last day of our summer quarter at school. I think that our school timed it perfectly! While I might have spent over a week working on my window display and have had no sleep due to it and other final projects, I must say the end result was worth it! My group and I have gotten amazing feedback, saying it is the best window the school has seen. While I discuss things I am doing at school, I knew I had to share this particular project since its beyond amazing! I had an awesome group and we all worked so hard. For most of us it was our first window display and I think it was a major success! We hand made everything in the window from the dress to the backdrop to even using real trees! I learned a lot and am so glad I got to work on it!

Well I am off to Texas tomorrow morning for my Fall break so don't worry I will be blogging away about my shopping experiences of course! Have a stylish weekend!

So until next time... Live Stylishly