je t'aime paris

As you know I got to travel to London and Paris this summer and I will tell you this trip has changed my life. As a fashion student going to Paris is a dream and it exceeded my expectations. London was beautiful and so historical, I knew all those history classes would finally pay off :)

Being able to walk the same streets as the designers I look up to and admire was unbelievable to me and something I will remember for he rest of my life. I got to walk inside the very first Chanel store where Coco started and where I never thought I would be lucky enough to visit, but I did. So many designers started here from Chanel to Dior to YSL to Christian Louboution and so many more.

Now obviously Paris is known for it's shopping but I couldn't forget the history. I got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night and see the palace of verasaille where Marie Antoinette lived and spent her royal life. It was so surreal walking the same paths she walked and seeing where she lived it was mind blowing. I can't stress how much this trip has changed my life and any Stylelista that gets the opportunity, should visit Paris. It not only is a life changing trip, but it sort of puts your life into perspective.
So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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